Living in the Lanaudière region: being close to nature

Many Montrealers have recently decided to move to the Lanaudière region. This is because the region offers many advantages, halfway between nature and closeness to the metropolis of Montreal. The region’s easy-going lifestyle and its many natural attractions make it a prime location for new homeowners.

Although the region is rural and peaceful in appearance, living in Lanaudière also provides easy access to numerous services and amenities.

Between nature and city, lakes and valleys, Guillaume Tremblay, real estate agent at Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière, invites you to discover why you should come and live in Lanaudière!


A gentle way of life and many natural attractions

The reason why many city dwellers decide to move to the Lanaudière region is partly because the region offers a peaceful way of life and a proximity to nature. City life is often associated with stress and anxiety, giving the feeling of living in an anthill.

Lanaudière and its surroundings offer a rural lifestyle, close to a nature rich in extraordinary sites. Crossed by the National Trail over 180 kilometers, hiking and nature excursions are part of the daily life of the residents of Lanaudière.

Close to natural sites such as the Parc régional de la Forêt Ouareau or the Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, living in Lanaudière means enjoying a rich and wild nature. Put down your suitcases in Lanaudière and discover these beautiful places that are just waiting for you!


A quiet life within easy reach of Montreal

Living in nature means peace and quiet and living outside the city! Living in nature can be associated with being too far away from the city and its services. However, Lanaudière is only an hour away by car from Montreal.

This makes it an excellent compromise for those who want a peaceful life without being too far from the city. Granted, some medical or specialty services may be difficult to access outside of the city. However, properties in Repentigny are located within easy reach of Montreal.

When you move to the Lanaudière region, you are still close to the metropolis of Montreal and its services.


Real estate prices that are still affordable compared to the market

At a time when the real estate market in Quebec is overheating, the Lanaudière region is still accessible if you compare prices to the rest of the market.

In fact, many families decide to invest in the Lanaudière region because it is still an affordable choice. Where the median price of a property today is over $300,000 in the Laurentians and over $400,000 to $500,000 in Montreal, Lanaudière falls below that with a median price of $279,000.

All the more reason to decide to invest and move to Lanaudière, while prices remain accessible to many families! There is no doubt that the market value of properties in the region will only increase in the coming decade.


Many services and amenities in the area

When it comes to services, the Lanaudière region has plenty to offer. The municipalities of the region have a large number of amenities and services, much more than some might imagine.

From pharmacies to schools and hospitals, living in Lanaudière is far from being isolated. The region has 185 educational institutions as well as numerous CHSLDs, CLSCs and rehabilitation centers. The municipality of Joliette has 65 medical facilities alone!

If you are planning to live in Lanaudière and one of its municipalities, make sure to check out what services are available. If your municipality does not have a particular service, the many neighboring municipalities certainly have what you are looking for.


Dreaming of living in Lanaudière? Find the property of your dreams with our team of real estate brokers

Living in the Lanaudière region is a dream for many residents of Quebec and Montreal. The relaxed lifestyle and the proximity to nature make it a great place to live for everyone. Finally, the proximity to the city of Montreal and the many services offered motivate an increasing number of city dwellers to move to the region.

To find the property of your dreams in the region, you should have the support and guidance of a real estate professional in the region. A professional will be able to help you find rare gems and buy a property in Lanaudière at the best possible price.

Contact Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière now! Guillaume Tremblay and his team of REMAX brokers will be happy to help you find the property that suits you best and make your dream of living in the Lanaudière region come true.

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