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Nos courtiers vous aident à poser toutes les bonnes questions lorsque vous visitez une maison!

What questions to ask at an open house

Visiting a home is the first concrete step in buying. It’s also the first emotional connection made with this new place. But these emotions shouldn’t distract you from your goal, which is to find the place that’s right for you! That’s why you need to ask the right questions to get a complete picture of the property and its surroundings. Our realtors in Rawdon will help you with this list of 21 questions (and no, it’s not a round number!). General questions to ask about the house Let’s start with questions related to the house and its marketing situation. 1. How long has this house been on the market? When a house remains on the market for an extended period

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How much time does it take to sell a house?

The answer isn’t always clear if you’re wondering how long it takes to sell a house in Quebec. Time varies and the real estate market fluctuates. Selling a home is an important step in a homeowner’s life and understanding the real estate market is an important part of the process. Real estate agents in Rawdon and the Lanaudière region can help you get a better understanding of how long it takes to sell your house. Average time it takes to sell a house in Quebec The time it takes to sell a house depends on the region. In our experience, it takes an average of 90 days (3 months) to sell a property. That said, there’s no way of knowing exactly

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9 conseils clés pour une bonne inspection de maison.

What to look for when buying a new home

Purchasing a home marks a significant milestone in one’s life. It entails investing in a space that will serve as the backdrop for our moments of happiness and challenges, as well as the sanctuary where numerous memories will be created. This underscores the importance of thoroughly examining various aspects to ensure that the house aligns not just with our current requirements but also with our future aspirations. Delve into the key factors with our Rawdon realtors to make this buying journey a successful and rewarding one. Buying a new home: checklist Buying a new home in the countryside differs significantly from buying in the city. Various considerations come into play, and our Lanaudière real estate broker, Guillaume Tremblay, is here

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Faire affaire avec un courtier n'est pas aussi coûteux que vous ne le pensez...

Selling a house without a realtor, a good idea?

Do you typically handle your own tax preparation? Despite the availability of software to simplify the process, the accountant’s fees are often outweighed by effective planning and the resulting tax savings. Professional intervention, in some instances, can help you take advantage of favorable programs and ensure your planning aligns with your best interests. While some individuals manage well without an accountant, for many, an accountant serves as a valuable ally in achieving our financial goals. Similarly, we can approach the purchase or sale of a property in a similar manner. Certain platforms suggest selling your property without an agent. However, when dealing with the most significant investment of a lifetime, it’s preferable to enlist the services of a professional. The

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Pourquoi un courtier immobilier prend-il une commission?

Understanding the real estate broker commission and why it can be high

Are you hesitant about engaging in business with a real estate broker due to concerns about the commission rate? As Joliette-based realtors, we aim to provide a clearer understanding of the factors influencing this commission and, more importantly, assure you of the value and security of your investment. Remax realtor commission rates A Remax real estate agent typically earns a commission percentage ranging from 4% to 5%. In exceptional situations, such as a low sale price, it might reach up to 10%. The commission decreases as the property price increases. What exactly does this commission cover, and is it genuinely justified? Why is the real estate broker commission so high? Guillaume Tremblay of Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière tells you more about

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Vendre une maison en succession n'est pas une tâche évidente.

How to Sell a House in an Estate Sale

Every year in Quebec, thousands of people are confronted with the complex reality of selling an estate following a death. It’s an emotionally-charged moment involving important decisions, and can raise many questions for heirs.  Understanding the estate sale process makes it easier to navigate these sometimes tumultuous waters. Our real estate brokers in Joliette are ready to shed some light on the steps involved, and to help simplify this ordeal for families who have suffered a loss. What is an estate sale? An estate sale occurs when an inherited home needs to be sold, often with the end goal of dividing the value among the heirs. This fairly common situation often involves properties that have been uninhabited for some time.

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