What documents do you need to provide when selling a property?

As a seller, there are specific required administrative steps involved in selling your property. You must provide certain documents needed to sell a house.

From a purchase offer to the declaration of the seller, the process is not always easy to understand and figure out what to provide.

Guillaume Tremblay, realtors in Joliette, will help you in your home selling process by showing you what documents are required to sell a house.

Declaration of the seller

The first required document to sell a house is the Seller’s Declaration. This document is helpful for the owner in making an inventory of the property during the sale.

It is important to give potential buyers all the valuable information about the property’s condition before selling it. You have to be as accurate and honest as possible to avoid possible disputes that could arise afterwards.

Offer to purchase

The offer to purchase is an essential document for any property sale. This is required by the notary to finalize the deed of your property sale.

The offer to purchase is a formal document where the buyer solemnly agrees to buy the property. Likewise, the seller must also mention his commitment to selling his property. This document establishes the agreement between the two parties on the conditions of the sale.

Notarial deeds and documents related to the property

When selling a property, it is important to collect all the documents related to the property’s past. Everything that describes the property should be provided by previous deeds of sale, documents reporting work and renovations or even an expert’s report.

This can help you justify your property value and show the buyer that your property is in good condition and has no hidden defects.

Certificate of Location

Another required document for selling a home is the Certificate of Location. This document describes the property and provides a detailed plan including land, the main building and possible extensions. It serves as a roadmap for the buyer.

A Certificate of Location also outlines a property’s condition according to the city’s laws and regulations. This is usually a standard document for other properties for sale in your area.

If you do not know where to obtain this document, contact a land surveyor.

Property tax, electricity and gas bills

Not required but strongly recommended documents are property tax and electricity bills. Most buyers want to know in advance how much they can expect to pay in taxes and utilities. This can be a key factor when deciding whether to purchase a property.

Make sure that your potential buyers feel comfortable buying your property. This is essential for a successful sale! Feel free to provide them with anything that could help them in this sense. Providing gas or electricity bills will help buyers feel more confident and make it easier to picture themselves in your home.

Contact Guillaume Tremblay and his team of real estate agents to sell your property

Selling your property is an important step in your life, and it is no simple task to go through this process by yourself. Knowing what documents are required to sell a house is not easy.

Having the support of qualified real estate agents is a safe and efficient option. They will assist you as well as provide valuable advice and guidance.

Contact Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière today! Guillaume Tremblay and his team will be happy to help you sell your property in the area. We will assist you in gathering all the required documents to sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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