How to prepare your house for sale

Written by Guillaume Tremblay
August 15, 2023
comment préparer sa maison pour le vente
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comment préparer sa maison pour le vente

Selling your house is not easy. Not everyone knows how to prepare their home for sale. Apart from setting a fair price, some adjustments need to be made.

Making the potential buyer feel comfortable and allowing them to envision themselves in their new home is key. Make your home as neat and neutral as possible to facilitate the sale. From renovations and cleaning to depersonalization, Guillaume Tremblay, real estate agent in Lanaudière, explains how to prepare your house for sale.

7 tips to sell a house

Here are our 7 tips to get your house ready for sale.

1. Clean your property

While it might be evident to some, numerous property owners list their homes for sale without ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene. This can significantly discourage potential buyers. In fact, a buyer who visits a residence that’s dirty or untidy could struggle to visualize themselves living there and might even feel uneasy.

To prevent this, it’s crucial to undertake a thorough deep cleaning before putting your house on the market. Pay attention to even the tiniest details that could catch a buyer’s eye. Mastering the art of preparing your home for sale encompasses this essential step. When prospective buyers tour a property, they naturally scrutinize every aspect of your home. Thus, don’t let a potential sale slip through due to a dirty sink or grime in the bathroom.

The same principle applies to your property’s exterior. First impressions carry significant weight. Ensure your home’s exterior is orderly and inviting. Trim the hedges, spruce up the facade, and rectify any flawed components.

2. Depersonalize your home

The first thing you should think of when selling your property is the depersonalization of the interior. As a matter of fact, a heavily decorated property will make it more difficult for the buyers to visualize themselves in it. It is very important to depersonalize your property as much as possible.

To make it easier for buyers to visualize themselves, here are a few tips to apply in preparing the sale:

  • Limit decorations to a minimum: pictures, plants, private photos, shoes in the hallway, you need to make your property look neutral.
  • Put away all hygiene products in the bathroom.
  • Take down religious signs which are too visible.
  • Remove rugs from the entrance and bathroom.
  • Remove your garbage containers from the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Adjust your rooms’ layout and decoration.
  • Remove family photos from the walls and the fridge
  • Get rid of unnecessary appliances in your house.
  • Consider repainting your walls in modern or neutral colours.
  • Remove overcrowded wallpaper.

Taking this step is very important to make you stand out from the crowd of properties on the market.

3. Get the necessary renovations done

The preparation for the sale of a house requires some renovations to be done. It’s true that some properties that need renovation are sold. Unfortunately, this is rarely done without a price negotiation. Think about renovating to sell your house. Improvements to the property may help you to increase its value. Your newly renovated bathroom or kitchen can be a big selling point. When renovated, these two rooms can reassure buyers.

With damaged ceilings or floors, outdated kitchen appliances or old electrical systems, renovating a house can make a big difference.

Rénover sa cuisine est une très bonne option pour améliorer l'état de sa maison.

For major repairs, you may want to consider the pros and cons. If this won’t affect visits to your property or if you can’t afford to make major repairs, you can try selling it as is. Just note that it could be harder for buyers to visualize themselves in your house.

4. Update decor to highlight living spaces

You don’t have to break the bank to give your interior a modern touch. Many interior designers employ the concept of “home staging” to enhance a property’s appeal to potential buyers. The idea revolves around repurposing specific furniture pieces and decorative items to give them a fresh appearance. This approach offers a cost-effective way to both revamp and depersonalize a property simultaneously!

So, if you’re not quite the interior design pro, consider this option. Renovation plays a crucial role in preparing your property for sale. Sometimes, a house that’s struggling to sell just needs a fresh perspective to capture buyers’ interest. Check out platforms like Pinterest, which provide a plethora of creative ideas to draw inspiration from.

Bien agencer les meubles de sa maison aide beaucoup.

5. Light and air

When potential buyers tour your property, they are naturally drawn to spaces that are well-lit and well-ventilated, exuding a sense of vitality and freshness. Here are some pointers to optimize this pivotal aspect of preparing your home for sale:

  • An uncomplicated yet impactful step is to open curtains and blinds, allowing natural light to pour in. The allure of well-lit rooms is irresistible to buyers, evoking a feeling of warmth and expansiveness. Ensure that windows are clean to facilitate the passage of light.
  • Beyond natural light, thoughtfully chosen artificial lighting can accentuate your home’s unique features. Opt for white or warm-toned light bulbs to cultivate a welcoming and cozy ambiance.
  • Mirrors prove to be adept at reflecting light, visually enlarging spaces. Position mirrors strategically to bounce natural light and establish a sense of depth.
  • Verify that windows are unobstructed by bulky furniture or overly imposing decor items. The freer the circulation of light, the more spacious and radiant the area will appear.
  • Prior to visits, promote air circulation by opening windows. This simple act eliminates stagnant odors and fosters a refreshing and pleasant environment.

6. Prepare documents for sale

While preparing your home for sale, don’t overlook the pivotal administrative facet. Paperwork plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and secure real estate transaction.

Collecting all essential sale-related documents before listing your home can prevent potential delays and complications during the selling process. Though this step might seem laborious, it’s indispensable for facilitating a smooth sale and showcasing your professionalism as a seller.

7. Work with a realtor

Preparing your house for sale is not easy. There are many important factors to consider. The key to a good sale is making sure that the property is clean, renovated and depersonalized. Don’t overlook this step, either alone or with the help of a real estate professional or a designer.

A real estate broker’s assistance is an excellent solution to help you sell your property quickly. Their expertise and trained eye will assist you in getting the best advice to sell your house.

Sell your house with professional real estate agent Guillaume Tremblay

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