Selling a house without a realtor, a good idea?

Do you typically handle your own tax preparation? Despite the availability of software to simplify the process, the accountant’s fees are often outweighed by effective planning and the resulting tax savings. Professional intervention, in some instances, can help you take advantage of favorable programs and ensure your planning aligns with your best interests. While some individuals manage well without an accountant, for many, an accountant serves as a valuable ally in achieving our financial goals.

Similarly, we can approach the purchase or sale of a property in a similar manner. Certain platforms suggest selling your property without an agent. However, when dealing with the most significant investment of a lifetime, it’s preferable to enlist the services of a professional. The transaction of buying or selling a property is undeniably crucial, and our realtors in Joliette can provide further insights.

Why think about selling your home without an agent?

Several reasons may contribute to the hesitancy in engaging with a broker. Here are a few:

  • Some sellers find the broker’s commission too high and opt to save money by avoiding these fees, choosing to handle the sale independently.
  • Others seek complete control over the sales process, from pricing to advertising and negotiating offers. Selling without a realtor allows them to make all decisions autonomously.
  • Some sellers believe they possess sufficient knowledge of the real estate market, especially if the market favours sellers and demand is high. Those who have previous experience in selling property may feel confident in managing the sale without professional assistance.
  • For some, a lack of confidence in the real estate profession may be the driving factor behind choosing not to involve a broker.

Is it best to sell your house on your own?

Not really. While the desire to save money is understandable, you need to understand, as we outlined in our article on the real estate broker’s commission, that the money paid to your agent doesn’t equate to a loss. Why?

Because the added value of their services is typically reflected in the purchase price of your home. It’s often the buyer who covers these costs. Furthermore, as you might not be accustomed to this type of negotiation, there’s a risk of forfeiting a substantial profit margin. Additionally, selling a home involves extensive hours of work, and given that time is money, attempting to handle it independently might not be as advantageous as it seems.

Why sell with a realtor?

The real estate broker’s role is to accompany you every step of the way, to advise and guide you. His understanding of the market, of trends and his network of experts of more than 10,000 collaborating brokers give a property prime visibility!

To save time

Selling a house can quickly become a real challenge. By calling on the services of a professional, you avoid the time-consuming meetings with numerous visitors that you’d have to manage if you were selling your property on your own.

The broker also makes sure you find buyers who are pre-qualified for their mortgage, so you don’t get your hopes up.

To get a better control of laws and documents

Moreover, the broker handles the legal and technical facets of a transaction. They assist in managing the emotional aspects tied to the real estate transaction, clarifying multiple offers to purchase, and diligently safeguarding your interests.

They also oversee sales documents, ensuring, for instance, that the certificate of location is current and aligns with existing legal standards. This meticulous attention to technical details minimizes legal risks, contributing to a seamless and secure transaction process.

To properly showcase your property

The experience and seasoned perspective of a real estate agent guarantee that your property will be effectively presented to secure the best possible selling price. A professional understands the nuances of preparing a house for sale and, most importantly, possesses negotiation skills to augment the property’s value when dealing with potential buyers.

A proficient broker, such as those at Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière, handles all property visits, investing significant effort into capturing quality photos that accentuate the property’s positive features. The goal is to leave nothing to chance, ensuring that every interaction contributes to the overall enhancement of your property.

To benefit from the broker’s market knowledge that is second to none

Placing a house on the market with a financial investment surpassing its market value can lead to a genuine nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for sellers to have paid more for their homes than the prevailing market value at the time or for a specific area. When they decide to sell, they often struggle to recoup their initial investment. Had they consulted a real estate broker in the first place, they would have avoided this situation and its disastrous consequences.

Conversely, it is not in the buyer’s best interest to directly acquire a property from an owner-seller unless the purchase is made at a below-market price. In such cases, the seller would have benefited from working with a broker to establish a fair selling price and avoid financial losses. In both scenarios, whether for the buyer or the seller, the presence of a broker proves to be an invaluable asset.

Surround yourself with a team of realtors that takes your interests to heart

An advertising platform is fine, but a realtor who defends your interests is even better!

The Guillaume Tremblay Remax team has been working for many years to help sellers sell their properties at the best possible price. Would you like to find out more about what we can do for you? Fill out the form to request a real estate appraisal of your property, and feel free to call on us! 😊

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