How to become a licensed real estate agent in Quebec?

Written by Guillaume Tremblay
December 15, 2022
How to become a real estate agent to sell properties
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How to become a real estate agent to sell properties

In Québec, the real estate agent profession is on the rise with a growing number of professionals, reaching 14,872 positions in 2021. This increase of approximately 24% is due to the development of the Québec real estate market.

To continue highlighting this promising profession, the RE/MAX agents at Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière invite you to discover the steps to becoming a real estate agent.

The main steps to become a real estate agent

Like any profession, becoming a real estate broker requires an excellent knowledge of the real estate broker’s role. This starts with a training program, an attestation of college studies and obtaining a specific certification. To make your career plans a reality, here are 5 steps to help you find your way.

1. Find the type of brokerage that interests you

There are two types of real estate brokerage: commercial real estate brokerage and residential real estate brokerage. Before you embark on your training, better to determine which area you are interested in and want to specialize in.

Although there is no difference in ethics between residential and commercial, the contrast is mostly in the day-to-day practice. This difference is particularly present:

  • In the brokerage contracts,
  • In the mandatory and recommended forms,
  • In the process of cancelling the promise to purchase,
  • In the visit duration of the property,
  • In the information and the duty to collaborate,
  • In the modalities of putting the property up for sale and the sales strategy.

2. Take a real estate agent training program

The OACIQ is the reference organization in real estate brokerage. It legally oversees the brokerage profession to protect buyers and sellers from fraudulent practices.

In fact, they are also considered the reference in terms of accredited training program to become a real estate agent. So, if you want to make a career in this field, it is mandatory that you enroll in the institutions in Quebec that offer this training.

3. Pass the OACIQ exam

During your training, you will be required to prepare for your certification exam, which will determine your seriousness and give you access to the brokerage license application.

During the exam, future brokers are immersed in a real estate transaction simulation (purchase or sale). They will have to use all their knowledge and resources to respond to different professional contexts.

This exam is therefore adapted to the type of brokerage in which you wish to pursue your career. This is why it is necessary to choose your voice before embarking on your training, since this will determine the nature of your certification exam.

Candidates will then be evaluated according to different criteria and categories highlighted on the self-regulatory organization’s website.

The next logical step in preparing for the exam is to take it. You will need to register for the exam. Then, after the convocation and the test itself, you will receive your results which attest to your technical, legal and professional know-how.

4. Make a request for a delivery

If the previous steps have gone well and you have received a positive result, you will have 12 months to respond and file an application for issuance with the OACIQ. It is therefore best to apply directly after receiving your results.

5. Get your license

You will receive your brokerage license only if the application file has been properly filled out and completed. You will then receive it in digital format at the email address indicated in your file. All you have to do is print it out and present it to your clients. As soon as you have your license, you can submit applications to the various real estate agencies that interest you, such as RE/MAX.

On the other hand, although you have studied and passed an exam to obtain your right to practice, you are required to renew your license application every year. Thus to verify that you have up to date knowledge. This requirement is mainly to protect your clients from potential fraud.

This renewal is done through the Mandatory Continuing Education Program.

What is the quality of a real estate agent?

With the legal requirements, the good real estate agent must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and accuracy in the processes throughout his career. He also must have a good market knowledge, be a skilled communicator, accessible and organized. He is also an attentive listener, listening to his clients and their needs by giving them the benefit of his transparency and professional honesty.

What is the real estate agent salary in Quebec?

According to the Government of Canada, a real estate agent in the province of Quebec earns an average of $34,562. This is subject to increase according to experience, structures and properties.

Discover the real estate agents of Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière

Becoming a real estate agent in Quebec requires a certain amount of knowledge, especially because this profession involves a legal aspect, directly related to the lives of its clients. This is why the process is regulated and mandatory.

Once the certification is obtained, you will then have to choose your structure. This was the case for the agents of the RE/MAX agency, in the Lanaudière region, who specialized in different fields in order to put their knowledge at the service of their clients’ needs.

You wish to buy or sell a property in the Lanaudière region? Contact us now!

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