What does a real estate broker do?

Lots of people have a real estate venture that they would like to pursue. Whether it be the sale or the purchase of a property, many people decide to recruit a real estate broker to help with their research.

However, others remain hesitant to trust these experts because they do not really understand their role. This is a shame as they can be vital to leading a real estate project to success.

To equip you with more knowledge in the property world and help you achieve your project, the Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière real estate brokers will explain what exactly their job is.


Helping you with your real estate project

The number one mission of a real estate broker is to help and guide you throughout your project. When selling and buying a property, the role of the real estate broker is to provide their experience and expertise so that you make well-informed decisions.

Real estate brokers will let you know about the properties for sale in your area and will recommend the ones best tailored to your needs. They will take into account your budget, needs, and background when suggesting properties as their role, more than anything, involves getting to know YOU.

Finally, the real estate broker will act as facilitator and representative throughout your project. For instance, it is them who will take charge of the tedious administrative formalities, making it a much smoother ride for you.

In a nutshell, the real estate broker supports you with your project every step of the way, making sure you complete all the necessary tasks for your project to be a success.


What expertise do real estate brokers possess?

The expertise of a real estate broker is vast and extensive. They have a wealth of knowledge about the real estate market, as well as superb interpersonal, legal and judicial skills. Here are many tasks where a real estate broker’s knowledge and expertise can come in particularly useful:

  • Suggesting the best properties for sale in your region and finding you good investment opportunities
  • Validating information about a property (area, standards, date of renovations, etc.)
  • Finding out about current municipal taxes
  • Ensuring that there are no hidden defects in a property
  • Helping you to prepare all the documents required for the sale of a property
  • Providing you with the various legal documents and ensuring that they are properly completed and reflect your wishes
  • Advise you on the negotiation of a property (counter-proposal, price revision, etc.)
  • Examining a purchase offer received
  • Helping you estimate the market value of your property

The above are the principle tasks of a real estate broker. However, it is not an exhaustive list as a real estate broker’s expertise can extend to many other situations!


Remaining transparent and acting in your interest

Finally, the role of the real estate broker also means loyalty. This is a legal obligation that they must adhere to. For instance, due to a duty of disclosure, the real estate broker must encourage you to inspect a property before buying it. If the broker does not present you with a property that seems to correspond to your needs, they must explain why.

Remaining transparent throughout, the real estate broker must inform you of any situation that causes a conflict of interests for them. In other words, if a situation presents an advantage to the broker, they must inform you.

Essentially, the real estate broker also plays the role of an ally, staying loyal and transparent. Their actions must always be in your best interests and in compliance with the law and all other parties involved.


In need of an expert real estate broker? Contact Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière!

As you can see, a real estate broker plays many roles. Their expertise and experience make them an important person to have onboard when carrying out your real estate project. Since they have the duty to be loyal and transparent with you, they are also your ally and must inform you of everything regarding you and your project.

Finally, above all, working with a real estate broker is more than simply a professional relationship. It is also a personal, human relationship since the success of your real estate project is as important to them as it is to you!

If you want to invest in a property within the Lanaudière region and you’re in need of a real estate broker, consider contacting Courtier Immobilier Lanaudière! Guillaume Tremblay and his team of REMAX brokers will be happy to take charge of your case and help you carry out your real estate project, whether it be a property sale or a purchase!

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